Цели и задачи

Objective of the project
The main purpose of performing work (rendering services) on the organization of systematic coverage of scientific, scientific, practical and innovative activities in the Russian Federation and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in an accessible form for a wide range of people in 2020 is:

  • Development of a concept for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the creation of a popular scientific, informational publication explaining the social value of scientific activity; involvement of Russian society in study of current and past achievements of Russian science;
  • Disclosing the wealth and diversity of scientific life Russia; presentation of log archives, including scanning of previously published ones printed versions and their indexing in the developed database;
  • Creating collections in a popular, understandable way reports at scientific conferences, training courses, lectures by Russian and foreign scientists at scientific events taking place in Russia;
  • Demonstration of scientific commentary on events and phenomena in nature and society.